Academic Papers

Grammar, Footnotes, Citations, Oh My!

You've completed the research. You've written your first draft. You've revised and refined it. Now, it's showtime. Before you submit your work, you need a fresh pair of eyes to review it. You need someone who has worked with doctoral students, and who has even helped those students publish successful books from their dissertations. 

All of your hard work can easily be overlooked if it's punctuated with grammatical errors, unclear narration, and those missing source citations.

Format matters. Content development matters. Attention to The MLA Style Manual, The Chicago Manual of Style, and Turabian Style matters. Your best work matters. Let's talk . I have affordable "student rates" and I'm ready to work with you. Connect with me at


From Message to Manuscript

I Have Something to Say!

"You should write a book," is a phrase that a lot of people probably have been told by friends and family. Yes, you have something to say, but is a book the place to say it? Some things are best said in a blog, or on social media posts. I can help you determine the audience. 

What's Next?

The next step is to do a personal review of what you've written, and then share it with someone whom you trust to give honest feedback. Are you able to summarize your book proposal in a compelling paragraph that describes the focus, the audience and the "message" of your work?  

Seriously, I'm Ready!

Writing a book is a serious commitment. It takes time, attention and a willingness to write, rewrite and then write some more. 

I work with a team of experienced writers who can help you make that assessment. If you are ready to collaborate, connect with me at: