From Message to Manuscript

I Have Something to Say!

"You should write a book," is a phrase that a lot of people probably have been told by friends and family. Yes, you have something to say, but is a book the place to say it? Some things are best said in a blog, or on social media posts. I can help you determine the audience. 

What's Next?

The next step is to do a personal review of what you've written, and then share it with someone whom you trust to give honest feedback. Are you able to summarize your book proposal in a compelling paragraph that describes the focus, the audience and the "message" of your work?  

Seriously, I'm Ready!

Writing a book is a serious commitment. It takes time, attention and a willingness to write, rewrite and then write some more. 

I work with a team of experienced writers who can help you make that assessment. If you are ready to collaborate, connect with me at: