Workshops that Transform and Liberate

Community. Partnerships. Honoring the Vision. Speaking Truth.

When God gives us talents, we are entrusted to be good stewards of those precious gifts. 

I take my work as a writer, editor, preacher, speaker, workshop presenter and social justice activist seriously. I am a firm believer that God blesses us to be a blessing to others, and to consider ways in which we can work collectively for the building of God's kingdom/kin-dom. 

It's important to me to know what your vision is. When I am contracted to speak at your event, or to edit your manuscript, it's personal. I don't use a "one size fits all" model. Your vision is specific to you, your audience and your community. And I want to honor that in working with you. 

Workshop topics and titles include: 

The Role of Storytelling in Food Justice | This workshop utilizes the elements of effective storytelling as a tool to create narratives that raise awareness about food injustices, while also examining the effect to the most vulnerable in our communities.

Land and Deed: God's Trust Fund | This workshop is specifically designed for faith-based leaders and examines the biblical mandates and responsibilities of what it means to be good stewards of the land that God has entrusted us to manage. What happens when the understanding of "dominion" is damaged? How does that lead to gentrification, famines and displacement? And how do we live into our role as stewards who care about our neighbors?  

Authentic Worship: Is Your Worship for Real |  By looking at biblical passages, participants will discover how to have authentic worship – despite what seasons of life we might be experiencing – that moves us into deeper relationship with God, realigns our spiritual being, and revives us to live a more fruitful life as worshipers. Ultimately, we want to live and love a life that is pleasing to God. 

Leading as a Liturgist|  At some point, you will be called upon to share God’s sacred word in public by praying, reading Scripture, or reciting liturgy. It takes all of you – your facial expression, tonality, attention to punctuation, body language, and confidence of speaking – to “deliver” the message. The task of leading as a liturgist can be intimidating, but it’s also an opportunity to serve God. This workshop will help you to approach it with passion and precision in a way that engages the listeners, and that moves the words from the paper to the hearts of God’s people.      

Praying Your Way Through the Shame of the Past|  God is a loving God who speaks in the present and future tense and who is not caught up on who you were in the past, but on who you can become today and develop into tomorrow. But it requires facing it, dealing with, repenting for it and seeking forgiveness. If you don’t make an intentional choice right now, today, to release the guilt, the shame, the dishonor, the self-torment over a bad decision, then it will further manifest itself in you and you will miss out on the plans and purpose that God has for your life. Unresolved Shame produces an Unhappy Self 

Prayer: God's Love Language | This workshop explores the basics of prayer, why we should pray, why we must pray, and how prayer shapes not only who we are as Christians, but how it impacts our relationship with God and with others. Whether you pray only at church during the worship celebration or you pray daily, this class will help you move toward having a healthier and more productive prayer life.

Amplify Your Voice | This workshop is specifically for women and/or young girls with the focus on understanding the power of your voice and  how to use it effectively to speak truth to power, to call out injustices, to honor yourself as God's creation and to move from the marginalized spaces to your God-given space within the Beloved Community.  

Let's Talk

When you are ready to share your vision with me, connect with me via email at I am situated in Dallas but I am serving the Diaspora. 

If this is a preaching, speaking or workshop request, be sure to include a brief description of your organization or event, the audience, date, and a link to a social media site or website about your event. You will be contacted within 48 hours.